Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas season is just around the corner

After stressing about whether or not to put Christmas decorations on our tree this year (with a one year old in the house) we decided to go ahead and decorate as usual and just teach Zavia "DONT TOUCH"!! While we were assembling the tree I looked into the play room and saw Z-mans ball pit sitting there and I had a sudden brain wave...why not decorate the tree with his ball-pit balls?!?!?!?! Here is the final product...not only has our tree never looked so bright and cheery, it is also 100% safe for Z-man. This of course still doesn't stop him from getting into the Christmas decorations cupboard and playing with the glass balls. hehehe! He also has a ball (pardon the pun) pulling the lower balls off and then throwing them back into the tree.

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