Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I learn something new from my kids almost every it was how to be tender.
Anyone who knows my little boy, knows that he is a boysterous little two and a half year old pocket rocket. He loves to climb and jump and run and run and's what comes naturally to him. What I sometimes forget is that gentleness and tenderness also comes naturally to him. I almost missed this moment today as I was changing lenses...I've never changed a lens so fast in all my life.

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I have been fascinated with the art of photography for as long as I can remember...I have dabbled in it for years but my 'obsession' didn't really take hold until the birth of my son, Zavia. I was so upset by the lack of good photos we had from his first few weeks of life that it has become my challenge ever since to take as many beautiful images of him as possible. I realised how important it was to capture all of those little moments that shoot past so quickly...and why stop at photographing Zavia when I obviously have a (I hate to use this word...but...) passion for photographing children and families. That's how 'Sprout Photography' was born. You can check out my website at