Sunday, August 7, 2011

The adventures of Harrisson

Back at the beginning of July, I had this very special shoot with Harry and his mum and dad. After months of planning, waiting for bad hair cuts to grow out, bad weather, general winter sicknesses, we finally made it up to Gardner's Falls to capture this little boy in all his boyish goodness. I've often heard that 2 year olds are the hardest to photograph because they are stretching their independent with this little bit of knowledge under our caps, we simply let the Independence stretch away. This is my favourite way to shoot, we chose the one location to shoot at, scattered a few props (to go with our adventure theme) around the location and just shot whatever happened. It was so much fun to watch harry discover his surroundings with no pressure at all to perform. I love the interaction he had with his mum and dad too...a very special little family indeed.

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