Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tiny Thomas in the studio

Little Thomas is now 16 days time flies. I had him in my studio yesterday for some more photo fun. He is such a little angel...slept the whole time even between clothing changes. Here are just two of my favourite images from yesterday...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toot Toot Thomas - Newborn photographer

The newest member of our quickly expanding family is settling into life at home with mum and dad. At only 8 days old, Justin and Kate welcomed us into their home to take some photos of this little guy. My heart just overflows with love for the little man, I cant wait to see him again. Here are just four of my favourite images so far...I have alot more to work on.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The joy of Lauren

This is my beautiful friend Lauren and her bambino bump. Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon photographing her blossoming belly around her amazingly light filled home. She is such a gorgeous woman...after a long day at work she was ready to play and never once looked like she had done a full days work...although I was a little worried that she would fall asleep while floating in the pool at one stage. Enjoy your sneak peak Lauren.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tiny Thomas - Newborn Photographer

Last week I posted photos of our cousins baby shower...It's a good thing we had that baby shower when we did because little Thomas arrived 5 days later (2 weeks early). And what a little guy he is...weighing 6pound 2 ounces and 48cm long he is the smallest baby I think I've ever seen. Congratulations Justin and Kate, you guys have done very well!! I can't wait to watch this little dude grow up. WELCOME THOMAS!

Baby Maddie - Baby Photographer

Meet sweet baby Maddie...What an angel at 6 weeks old!! Thanks Katie and Jake for bringing your precious little bundle to the studio were all a joy to work with.
I love the way Maddie poked her tongue out in nearly every photo, and when it was time to sleep, she kept suckeling her dummy even after mum had taken it away.
I hope you enjoy your sneak peak Katie and Jake...I'll be in touch when they are all ready for viewing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeling the music - Portrait Photographer

On very rare occasions, my husband Ben will sit where I want him to long enough for me to do lighting tests...this was one of those rare occasions. He wanted to play his guitar so he wouldn't feel so 'silly'...after a while he forgot all about me buzzing around him and started feeling the music...these are a few gems I captured tonight. You can see where my little guy gets his spunky looks from.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's raining babies

Yesterday was Justin and Kates baby shower. (Justin is my husbands cousin) and it's been great to see them fortnightly throughout the whole pregnancy so far. Kates belly is blossoming quite nicely (although she is still so tiny for 37 weeks).
It was a combined guys/girls baby shower, with the fellas staying at a safe distance away outside playing pool, although we did get them involved for one game at the end which turned out to be way too easy...still entertaining to watch though.

Shortly after the showering began, Justin surprised us all dressed like this...

Margie and the girls did a fantastic job of decorating for the special event...

This was a game of disposables vs. cloth nappy races...whoever did the disposable nappy had to be blindfolded, just to make it fair. Turned out that the cloth nappies were quicker to put on...
This is grandma vs. grandma...

Then we played 'playdough babies'. This is just one plate of babies...

Next it was the guys turn. 'Pregnant for a day'...the aim of the game was to stuff a balloon under their shirt and tie their shoe lace. Turns out that guys have longer arms and this really wasn't much of a challenge after all...

Some of the girls, mummy to be in the middle (doesn't she look fantastic for 37 weeks??!!)...

Grandma-to-be, Grandma-to-be and Great Oma-to-be...

And last but not least, the cutting of the cake...made by the fabulous Selena (Cakes by Selena), she is taking orders now. This one was a pina colada flavoured delicious!!

Thanks again to Larry and Margie for hosting the event, they did a great job as usual. And our thoughts are with Justin and Kate during these next few weeks...we just know they will make fantastic parents...(especially if Justin keeps dressing the same as junior) Rest up guys, enjoy your time alone together while it lasts. Cheers,


Friday, March 6, 2009

More...rumbles in the jungles

As promised...more photos from our recent long grass shoot.

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