Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I can remember Zavias first shower like it was just yesterday. We had been to visit the health clinic for the usual weigh and check up from the health nurses and she suggested that Ben have a shower with Zavia that night to help with the father/son bonding. She explained that mums get alot of skin to skin contact with their newborns because of breast feeding and sometimes dads can feel left out because they dont get this same exposure. I was thrilled to find out that newborns are never too young for a nice shower. So that night when Ben came home I told him what the nurse had said and he jumped at the chance...they both loved it.
Last night was Vadas turn. She was a few days later than Zavia but she loved it just as much...she was alittle apprehensive at first and stayed tucked into daddys chest for quite a while but soon warmed up to the idea


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Awesome Orson

I can't believe it's taken me 7 months to point my camera at this incredible child. Warwick and Ammi brought baby Orson into the world about a week before my morning sickness began and before I knew it my little Vada was in my arms and Orson was a big boy. Today however, the situation was rectified and we got some super cute shots of Orson and Ammi. We did have one small miss-hap when super speedy Orson launched himself off the side of the couch but like the true brave boy he is he got straight back on the horse (or couch) and conquered his fears... so impressive!
Hope you like the results of our very casual little shoot today Ammi.

Monday, April 12, 2010

and three became four...

Yes thats right...on the 25th March at 9:58am Ben and I welcomed our perfect little girl into the world. After labouring throughout the night on the couch watching my fairlady and dozing in between each non painful contraction, Ben woke to find me in full blown labour. It was a short 4 hours of 'actual' labour, a very intense and scary 4 hours I might add. And then there she was...all gooey and cute, my chubby little girl had finally arrived.
I always wanted my first born to be a boy...probably because I grew up with a big brother and always liked knowing that their was a big boy looking out for me. So I was delighted when I had my Zavia. He is a joy! But lets face it...Im a girly girl and also yearned to have a little doll to dress up and do girly things with. So you can imagine my utter happiness when Ben announced that the screaming little bundle of chunkiness was a little girl...and she was all mine! The perfect pidgeon pair as they say.
She is also the first Van Zutphen girl to be born in 32 years...the first of this generation.

Introducing the incredible Vada Sage...

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